Monday, April 14, 2008

Gabi's Visit


my friend Gabi came to visit last weekend.
it's been WAY WAY WAY too long since we have been able to spend time together.
and i'm so glad last weekend worked out so we could hang out a little bit.

enjoy some pictures of my friend! i miss her already ... :-/

we went to salty senorita. it was a fun place with a great patio.
we left JUST in time for the Grapevine for some karaoke.

i say "just in time" b/c a party bus of "cougars" were dropped off just as we were paying our bill. whew! dodged that bullet.

i vaguely remember one of them asking Max for something -
a condom or his phone # ... i don't know.

either way - classy, cougars. classy.

we made a friend at the Grapevine.
his name is Shane. Shane was a fun guy.
i call him "smiley shane".

you can see why below ... he sang a mean "tim mcgraw" :)

good times.