Wednesday, October 29, 2008

look who's back!

well ... for now.
i'm not making any promises. but i finally got a picture of something i made recently so i decided that it calls for a celebration ... or a blog ;)

monday night we got together with our friends "the brewers" for dinner (hence the crazy messy kitchen) and pumpkin carving!

here is my dessert creation: spiderweb no-bake cheesecake from Martha Stewart!

here is the carving process ... and everyone in their various places throughout the house, yard, etc. Megan was drawing at the table, matt was cutting out his template in the craft closet, andy was missing and the rest of the brewer clan were hard at work on the back patio ...

this is what i was doing while everyone was hard at work on their pumpkins ...
once again my timing was off and i was way behind on dinner. here i am, hiding behind the flowers and processing up some chimichurri sauce. don't worry - i was able to make a pumpkin eventually ;)

here are the completed pumpkins ... from the left -

my sorry attempt at a Notre Dame pumpkin
andy and trisha's pumpkin - they were too lame to do individual pumpkins ... dorks
matt's alien pumpkin
tom's cute face pumpkin
debbie's cat pumpkin - i saw it lit up at her house last night. it looks so cute!
megan's scary big mouth pumpkin
chris's spider pumpkin - see how it's 2 pumpkins together? :) he brought black pipe cleaners for the legs! :)

to top the night off, andy and trisha decided to have a jalepeno eating contest.
we had glasses of milk and honey to help with the burn ;) and matt is holding a bag of jalapenos that we picked from our garden. this whole bag was from just a few branches! there are SO many more left on the plant!

we had a great time!
i'm glad i finally posted a blog - MONTHS later!!

hope to check in again soon!