Sunday, March 15, 2009

Erin's Baby Shower

ok - i'm FINALLY getting around to blogging about erin's baby shower.
lacy (our trusty photographer) was SO on top of things when she gave me a CD of all the lovely photos about 3 months ago!! too bad i just got around to uploading said pictures :)

so - let's get started ...
although, its been a while since the shower (in mid november) so i hope i can remember everything!

the shower was held at debbie's house. she has such a great space for a baby shower, birthday party, whatever! we've even held events such like an olympics party ... it's just a really great house with a beautiful backyard. i wish my backyard was 1/2 as nice as theirs - and i'm rather fond of our yard! but i digress ...

the party was a saturday afternoon at debbie's house ... mostly held in the beautiful backyard. but, we kept the food and candy buffet inside. but, more on that later.

here are a couple of photos of the backyard space.
we had 5-6 tables set for 4, complete with rented tablecloths in the shower colors of blue, green & brown; a drink station with personalized wine glasses (i personalized them with wine charms i made with each guests name, as well as the origin and meaning of their name - this was one of my favorite "touches"); we also had a little area with a comfy chair for the mother to be and a present table in close proximity to her. we also set up a table for the activity of the day. since i'm not fond of "shower games" and thankfully neither is erin (mom to be) ... we did an activity instead and it was a real hit.

ok - enough chatter - here are the photos of the outside space and other various "touches"

and now about our "activity ... as i mentioned, erin is not a fan of shower games.
thank goodness for that - i really can't stand 99% of all shower games i've ever played.
and that's terrible of me - b/c EVERYONE plays them! i'm just a brat, i guess :)
anyway - so i had to get pretty creative when it came to filling our time with something fun to do. so i scoured TJ Maxx for WEEKS to get inexpensive onesies ... and i purchased fabric markers in various colors (from Michael's - with coupons of course) :) ... and we had a little "craft time"! i think everyone had a good time with it ... and they really turned out great!

the last picture shows the "winners" that erin chose! very cute.

and here are some pictures of the food table ...
the menu consisted of:
grilled chicken breasts with chimichurri sauce
orzo with asparagus & pistachios (one of erin's favorite "jeanine's kitchen" dishes) :)
prosciutto wrapped melon
fruit salad cups
green salad with cranberries, almonds & citrus vinaigrette

for dessert we had:
yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting (and blue sprinkles) :)
mini cherry cheesecakes
onesie sugar cookies (i WISH i would have gotten a picture of those!)

and here's the candy buffet table.
instead of a party favor that would probably be thrown in the trash, or collect dust in a closet, i set up a candy buffet and the guests filled up little paper bags with color coordinated candy! here's a picture of that ...

i also made a banner that read "How Sweet" to hang over the candy buffet. it didn't make it into this photo - but you can see most of it in this one!

and here is my favorite part!
the dum dum centerpiece! you can't really tell, but this dum dum ball is on top of a vase filled with color coordinated M&Ms ... a layer of brown, a layer of green & a layer of blue.

and that's about it!
it was a great time - and a beautiful fall day!
can't ask for much more than that!

so i'll leave you with one last picture ...

aren't these girls so cute? :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

aaaaah!!! it's march

that's a "scary" ahhhh ... not an angry one.
i just can't believe 2009 is flying by so fast!
i just read my last blog from january. man, am i a slacker or what??

i have so much to document!

since supper club january 2009, we have had a supper-club-slash-super-bowl get together, we have traveled to puerto vallarta for gabi's wedding and i have spent a week with my siblings - acting as mom/sister, chauffeur, teacher, etc. (very exciting) ;)

however - i STILL haven't downloaded pictures from the first supper club.
what a slacker!!

so - i'll use this post as an "in-between" post.
and the next post (hopefully not in MAY!) will consist of details from the above-mentioned activities, as well as photos!!

oh ... and i gave up sweets for lent.
so i'm anticipating being super cranky for the next 2 supper club meetings.
please forgive any not-so-pleasant posts about the desserts from the next 2 get-togethers!

hope to be posting again soon!!