Thursday, June 25, 2009


hello lovely friends!!

so ... i love it when i find inspiration in random places.
today it was TUESDAY MORNING!

so ... i'm looking forward to when my sister gets engaged someday.
so much so that i've already been dreaming about the special touches i will implement into the parties! yes ... i said partieS!

today i was inspired by a cute book at tuesday morning!

The Best Bake Sale ever Cookbook!

so it's something simple ... and it's probably not the most original idea.
but i've never heard of this idea! so it's new to me!!

i want to have a shower or party of some sort with a table set up like a BAKE SALE!!
i just thought it would be cute to have a handpainted sign that says "bake sale"
and the separate items will be either piled on trays, or individually wrapped with "price tags" or something cute like that. of course i won't really CHARGE the guests for the treats. it will just be for effect ;) a special little touch, if you will.

anywho ... i like the idea!
so i wanted to share it with the blog world!!

let me know if you have any more ideas for making the bake sale table at the future party! :)

good night, fair maidens :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

my new friend

so ... matt is away at camp this week.
and i'm so jealous that i wasn't able to go :(
and i'll be at home all week (well, when i'm not at work, that is!) ... booooooring!!
so i hope that i am able to make the most of this week and get some much-needed stuff done at home.

my aspirations are high - but i'm afraid to put it my week's goals in writing in case i get NOTHING done this week. that would be depressing!

but ... that's just a little background info to tell you about what this post is REALLY about!
so, my friend aleen bought a new little puppy recently.
his name is luigi and he's a bolognese.
matt is going to kill aleen for asking me to dog-sit this week.
because i don't want luigi to go home!
he is the cutest, most mild mannered little dog and we've been hanging out all day.
i don't think woody is too keen about him being around.

but ... he'll have to deal with it this week.
sorry matt! we're going to have to have a luigi around here someday!!
this isn't really luigi - because i'm too lazy to take a picture and download it right now.
and he's currently sprawled out in his little bed so it wouldn't be the best picture anyway.
but the funny thing is - not only does it look JUST like him - but he also has a little pink heart tag like this too!! too cute.

luigi says hi!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

its june ...

once again it's been far too long ...
this time i really DO have an excuse though!

my new work schedule has been crazy!
mondays alone are 12 hour days!

but ... and don't think i'm criminally insane ... i LOVE it!!
i get to talk to people all day every day and i get to HELP them at the same time!

the tradeoff?
i check my email about once a day - at 10pm or later usually.
and i NEVER blog anymore!!
even worse? i don't really even have time to cook/bake ...
thus, nothing to blog about :(


but, we took a trip to the cabin in flagstaff for memorial day weekend.
so i do have some pictures to share in the near future.
and we even had a supper club meeting while we were there!
so even MORE to blog about!

stay tuned ... for real!!