Tuesday, March 03, 2009

aaaaah!!! it's march

that's a "scary" ahhhh ... not an angry one.
i just can't believe 2009 is flying by so fast!
i just read my last blog from january. man, am i a slacker or what??

i have so much to document!

since supper club january 2009, we have had a supper-club-slash-super-bowl get together, we have traveled to puerto vallarta for gabi's wedding and i have spent a week with my siblings - acting as mom/sister, chauffeur, teacher, etc. (very exciting) ;)

however - i STILL haven't downloaded pictures from the first supper club.
what a slacker!!

so - i'll use this post as an "in-between" post.
and the next post (hopefully not in MAY!) will consist of details from the above-mentioned activities, as well as photos!!

oh ... and i gave up sweets for lent.
so i'm anticipating being super cranky for the next 2 supper club meetings.
please forgive any not-so-pleasant posts about the desserts from the next 2 get-togethers!

hope to be posting again soon!!

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