Sunday, June 14, 2009

my new friend

so ... matt is away at camp this week.
and i'm so jealous that i wasn't able to go :(
and i'll be at home all week (well, when i'm not at work, that is!) ... booooooring!!
so i hope that i am able to make the most of this week and get some much-needed stuff done at home.

my aspirations are high - but i'm afraid to put it my week's goals in writing in case i get NOTHING done this week. that would be depressing!

but ... that's just a little background info to tell you about what this post is REALLY about!
so, my friend aleen bought a new little puppy recently.
his name is luigi and he's a bolognese.
matt is going to kill aleen for asking me to dog-sit this week.
because i don't want luigi to go home!
he is the cutest, most mild mannered little dog and we've been hanging out all day.
i don't think woody is too keen about him being around.

but ... he'll have to deal with it this week.
sorry matt! we're going to have to have a luigi around here someday!!
this isn't really luigi - because i'm too lazy to take a picture and download it right now.
and he's currently sprawled out in his little bed so it wouldn't be the best picture anyway.
but the funny thing is - not only does it look JUST like him - but he also has a little pink heart tag like this too!! too cute.

luigi says hi!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is the cutest dog ever! I love these kinds of dogs too. I don't blame you for not wanting to take it home ha! I'm glad you have a little friend to keep you company while Matt is at camp :)