Tuesday, March 04, 2008

din din!

hi folks!
it seems everyone and their mom has a blog these days.
so i guess its my turn to try my hand at this ... i have NO idea how to do this.
and i don't even know if i have anything interesting to say, but we'll see.

we had a little dinner party tonight. we were celebrating debbie's birthday! FINALLY!
i should have taken pictures.
then i could have something to post other than black & white words :)
but, i'll just TELL you what i made!!

it was a night of giada delaurentiis recipes!
we had lemon spaghetti with chicken parmesan (not breaded!)
i'm not a fan of breaded chicken parmesan, so i don't do it!
it's amazing how simple things like that are ... you don' like it? just don't do it! ;)
i also made rosemary focaccia bread. it didn't turn out as well as the last one did.
last week i made a focaccia bread with my own dough (active dry yeast and everything!) and it was MUCH better. but i have to admit that buying the premade pizza dough from sunflower market was way easier ;) we just had to sacrifice a little quality for the ease of it all.

after dinner was dessert. i made an orange angel food cake with berries & orange scented whipped cream. good stuff. there is not much that beats homemade desserts. i just love them. there's such comfort in homemade dessert! that may explain why i made a banana cream cheesecake yesterday, an orange angel food cake today and i'm planning on making devils food cupcakes tomorrow! wow, it sounds like an addiction, doesn't it?

ok ... i went into the kitchen and took SAD pictures of the leftovers.
hey! it's better than nothing!
here's what's left of the angel food cake (you can't really see the specks of orange zest in the cake in these pictures, but it's there! i swear!)

it worked! isn't that sad? crumbs and all that ... oh well.
i promise the next pictures will be better.
i took pictures of the chicken parmesan too but, if you think this cake pic is bad - you haven't seen anything yet! so i'm not posting it :) it's pretty bad.

but it tasted pretty darn good.

i'll take pictures of my cupcakes tomorrow too.
i know you're looking forward to that.

well, i suppose that's enough nonsense from me.
thanks for reading, oh readers!
i'm sure i'll get used to this and be at least a LITTLE more interesting in the future.
maybe ;)

have a pleasant evening.
stay classy, fair bloggers!

~ J-Fly

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