Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ok ... i promise!!!

last blog of the evening.

do you ever think about the world of blogging?
i mean REALLY think about it ...
it's a strange world! i'm intrigued by it.
i mean, i have LOTS of blogs i read on a regular basis ... but i'm such a stalker.
i don't know if that's the right word b/c i'm not really "in the know" with the lingo of blog-world.
but i NEVER leave comments. so no one really knows i'm reading.
i enjoy the blogs i read, that's why they're bookmarked and that's why i continue to return & read!
but, i also feel a little bit dumb commenting on strangers' blogs!
i mean ... who am i??

anyway ... i'm positive this isn't a new thought.
but it's a new thought to me! so i'm "voicing" it on my very own space.

a few thoughts running through my head before i sign off:

* of all the cooking endeavors i've experienced, i've NEVER made beans from their dried state.
i must be too lazy to do the whole "soak overnight" part ...

* i love barefoot contessa. its hard to imagine she's a real person. she's like a nice martha stewart. who has the time and creativity to accomplish all these things and still be the happiest person on earth? i just love her.

* where the heck do these people buy this fantastic "lump crab meat" and "cooked/shelled lobster"?? apparently every good cook/chef has to live on the ocean. crazy.

* i'm going to include a photo (applicable or random) in all my blogs. i don't care if it has nothing to do with what i'm talking about (b/c let's face it, my thoughts aren't all that focused to begin with), but i want to mix it up a little with photos here & there. i love it when people include photos in their blogs, emails, etc. i guess i'm a visual being. :)
here's a random photo of my friend and me. i know i didn't even mention my friend in this blog, or any of my friends for that matter but i didn't have a photo of lump crabmeat handy.
* do i want all-clad cookware or le creuset cookware? if i had barefoot contessa's house, i'd get both! b/c i'd have the cash-flow AND the space to store it all!

* i really want a new dining set. i'm totally over our dining set. it's been really great for us thus far.
but i'm looking to change colors. so if i trip over a bag of money on my way to work tomorrow i'm going to go get this one! yesiree! that's a beautiful table with a bench! but i'd want 2 benches b/c i like to use all sides of my table. it just makes sense.

ok, that's all.
cheers, bloggers and blog-stalkers (takes one to know one)

~ j-dawg

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am not a stalker! :)
But I just have to say, YOU make me laugh.
I can't see your cannoli or cake pictures, bummer.
I love to read what you're thinking! You are one of a kind.