Monday, March 31, 2008

easter, oreo balls and a sister

... ok, so when i took these pictures i was thinking i was being clever & funny.
(road trips can do that to the best of us)

and now it just seems silly ... but i'm going to do it anyway.
pioneer woman and tartelette (a couple of REAL food bloggers & food photographers) are rolling over in their kitchenaids right now ... i couldn't say "graves" for obvious reasons.

here's the back story:
over easter weekend we (me, husband & sister) drove to LA to visit our family ... so i packed up a little bag of treats for the road. i threw in some leftovers from st. patty's day including some grasshopper bars and what was left of the oreo truffle balls.

when my sister started snacking on the oreo balls, which she affectionately refers to as simply "balls" (i.e. " j, do you have any balls left?") i realized i promised the blog-world that i would photograph the leftover "balls" and post them on my blog.
being a particularly quick-thinking individual, i snapped the following photos ...

so please consider the following ridiculous photos a "kept promise"

i know, it's pathetic :)

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Stacey B. said...

Hello, just checking...are you alive? Is your computer working? Are you on a cooking strike? ;)