Tuesday, March 18, 2008

happy st. patty's day continued ...

as promised ... here are the photos of the fruits of my labor on sunday night!
they were all a hit with our friends!!
this is the irish soda bread.
the first one, on the left, was "plain" (no raisins)
the one on the right (and below) is "with raisins" (with raisins) :)
they were both a hit, but especially the "without" kind.
i like it quite a bit myself ;)
i should have brought some to work to have with my coffee, like danielle did! (smart girl)
its a bit like a pound cake, but lighter and less sweet (which makes it easier to eat more) ha!
Matt liked the one with raisins quite a bit ... must have been the rum soaked raisins that sold him ;)

and like a dummy, i forgot to take a picture of the oreo truffle balls, which were also a hit, by the way! but here is a picture of the food table and you can see that they're on the table ;)

(well you can sort of see them ... they're in the bottom left hand corner, the white balls ... they also have a little shamrock "sprinkle" on them. i think they're deserving of several shamrock sprinkles next time)
i'll take a picture of the leftover oreo truffle balls and post it later.
they won't be stacked on the cute cake stand but you'll get the idea.
and last but certainly not least was my personal favorite ... the grasshopper squares.
thanks to the lovely valerie for slicing & stacking them so nicely :)
these were SO good!!! very rich ... but yum yum yum!! i think i'll go home and have one for lunch. so healthy.

and here's a picture! (you can kind of see the oreo truffle balls in the background too)

If you're still reading, i appreciate it!! i'm having a good time with this blog thing.
and now it's confession time.
Matt, the great husband that he is surprised me with a BRAND NEW CAMERA YESTERDAY!!!! i thought he was going to think i was a flighty girl who can't hold onto anything when i told him i lost our camera ... but instead he surprised me and bought me a new one b/c he knew how frustrated i was that it was gone!! now i'm thinking of getting lojack for it!! i LOVE my new camera!! it takes fabulous pictures. i just have to learn to use it. which is why the pictures posted above are less-than-perfect ;)
happy-day-after-st.-patricks-day folks!!!
it's been fun sharing these treats with you ...
now i'm hungry.
~ j mcJ

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Stacey B. said...

You are my cooking hero!
Everything looked really beautiful...job well done!
Good thing I wasn't there, I would have certainly devoured those strawberries!
And *YAY* for a new camera!! What an awesome husband. ;)